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Speakers: Till Hagen, Markus Hoffmann, Sandra Nedeleff, Manfred Eisner, Ilka Teichmüller, Jörg Brütt, Kerstin Römer, Ann Vielhaben
Publisher: Steinbach speaking books,
director / recording director: Andreas Fuhrmann, Phillipp Grobst
recording + editing: Andreas Fuhrmann
6 CD, approx. 420 minutes

Cover - Paolo Coelho - Confessions of a seeker


On the CD cover you can read among other things

Who does not know Paulo Coelho, but who really knows him? His life reads like one of his novels: Forced admission to a psychiatric clinic as a teenager - Successful pop poet of libertarian texts - Arrest and torture by the Brazilian military junta - Experiments with drugs and different world views - At 34 years of age, he walks the medieval pilgrimage path to Santiago de Compostela - The spiritual experience flows into the first books "On the Way of St. James" (1987) and "The Alchemist" (1988) - The rest is legend.

"Paulo Coelho describes the roller coaster of his own life to the Spanish journalist Juan Arias without a filter in an amazingly open conversation: Confessions of a seeker. Coelho's global success was made possible because he condensed and wrote poetry about the traumatic experiences and setbacks and the moments of happiness in his biography into a conceivably concentrated message: "Follow your dreams." Rainer Traub / The mirror


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