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Audio on the Internet - Not all sites need it and sometimes it's annoying when you open a page and some sound, music or slogan blasts at you unasked. How often have I been terribly frightened in such a case and clicked the page away in anger.
This is a classic case of obtrusive, encroaching and therefore counterproductive internet dubbing.



Targeted and in moderation - audio on the Internet makes sense

How nice it would be to present some of your Internet pages, animations and films to your customers with sound - silent film was yesterday!



It has been proven that the use of sound and voice in marketing creates desired emotions in the target group. Besides the use of music a professional speaker a visual or written statement emotional power. Hearing appeals to feelings much more strongly and subtly than seeing or reading.
A smile in the voice gives a presentation "good vibrations", the dark fatherly voice immediately conveys a sense of security and safety, and a youthful, lively voice puts one in a mood for departure. It's hard to resist...
Therefore, create a new document with Music and voice to create the desired atmosphere.



Furthermore, even complicated issues suddenly become clear and simple through the structured and correctly emphasized presentation of a good speaker. Complex topics are revealed to the visitor of your website faster and more profoundly.
So make sure that your message gets through to the right people by using a professional speaker.



Web pages with sound are much more entertaining than if they are silent. It's just like in the real world.
Break your silence and let us tell you about you, your company or your product in an exciting way.


Use this acoustic potential

Take advantage of this enormous potential which may be still unused in your web presence.
Browse through our intuitive Speaker search according to your preferred voice.

We will be happy to advise you on this and look forward to your Contact.


The audio quality of recordings is also important on the Internet

The statement "The audio quality for the Internet can be low. The audio material will be compressed anyway and then nobody will hear it anyway, especially since the computer speakers are bad..." is a common misconception:

Poor quality source material leads to even worse results with further compression for the Internet. This means that poor original recordings are then sometimes hard to understand on the Internet
The transmission rates are getting higher and higher (e.g. VDSL 100 etc.) so that even less compressed audio material can be heard by the user in better quality in real time.
The audio quality of computer sound cards and speakers is getting better all the time.
Computer sound systems are increasingly resembling sophisticated cinema sound systems in best audio quality


Highest quality and care

So don't be satisfied with amateur recordings for your internet presentations and flash films:

We offer you:

  • International voice recordings at the highest level
  • Conversion of recordings to MP3 or other formats at various compression rates - carefully encoded
  • Language files in "appetizers" as you need them for your Internet project
  • Company and agency service
  • placement and provision of speakers and native speakers in about 40 languages and up to 25 dialects


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