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Real-time audio transmission - what does that mean?

For those who do not know this yet an example:

The Spokesperson sits in a studio in Madrid and is recorded in our studio in Berlin, as if he was here in person. And that almost without any loss of quality.
You sit here with us in the control room and can comfortably participate in the recordings and direct.


Or the other way around:

The narrator sits in our studio in Berlin and is recorded by a studio in Munich, who then want to further process the recordings.


Or maybe this:

You want to direct in Hamburg while we record the narrator here in Berlin, just as if the narrator were with you. You can therefore communicate with him in the usual way and in the best quality and immediately evaluate the voice recordings.


So this is very similar to Telephone control room (which you can of course also carry with us) only with the sound quality as in the studio.


The only requirement is that the "remote station" also has the corresponding technology.
But this is no longer a witchcraft these days, because with a Chromium-based browser such as Google Chrome, anyone can get into real-time audio with us. Just click on our invitation link, follow the easy to understand instructions in the browser and connect with us.
This is a service that will not cost you a cent extra

Of course, you are also welcome to contact us for detailed information (+49 - 30 - 6170 2870 or


Conclusion: You save travel and hotel costs and - most importantly - you save time - and that is money - but you don't save on the recording quality.

Globalisierung also einmal anders… 😉


Are you interested in technology?

Then take a look at our further information:

There are currently 2 common ways to connect in studio quality:

Click on the corresponding linked terms for the individual techniques.


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