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Make it as pleasant as possible for the visitors of your exhibitions with our audio guides and offer you everything worth knowing also acoustically. The advantage for your visitors is that they can concentrate fully on what is worth seeing without having to read text panels first. The exhibit can be viewed while the visitor can listen to interesting facts or entertaining anecdotes.

We plan and realize every kind of acoustic companion. For every multimedia topic and every Application we can offer you the most suitable Spokesperson in about 40 languages and 25 dialects.
Or browse through our comfortable Speaker search.

Texts can be prepared by us in such a way that even for laymen complicated facts are presented in an interesting and understandable way. Our professional Spokesperson are able to interpret any topic, no matter how complex, in a clear and entertaining way.

Profit from our extensive Services around the dubbing of Visitor guidance systems at a favourable complete price.

This makes every museum tour, every park walk and every city tour a fun and educational experience.


Setting of:

  • Audioguides
  • Electronic Museum guide
  • Electronic Exhibition guide
  • Electronic City Guide
  • Electronic travel guide
  • Multimedia guides
  • Audio guide for mobile devices
  • Navigation content
  • Satellite supported audio guides
  • Audio Tours
  • Combined Navigation and audio guides


Our services:

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