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The quality of a E-Learning depends not only on the content and text design, but also on the interpretation of the Speaker.
A professional speaker can structure the text linguistically in such a way that it is easier for the listener to understand and comprehend the content, even when dealing with difficult or complex topics.
Even with a e-learningIf the content is not written in an exciting way, the speaker can present it in such a way that it is still interesting for the listeners, so that they do not get tired and can easily absorb the content.

Competent Direction and production management can still correct textual weaknesses during production, such as grammatical errors, inconsistencies in sentence structure or comprehension problems, in consultation with the customer

We are also happy to carry out localisation for you - our strength. That means Translation and / or dubbing in all languages you require.
Our speakers are all native speakers without exception and can therefore convey your e-learning in a clean and competent way to the listener.
This is interesting for companies with an international orientation, for example, who want to train their employees or customers in their branches in different countries.

In our comfortable Speaker search you can choose your preferred speaker. Or simply let us recommend someone to you.
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  • Company trainings
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  • Staff training
  • Product training
  • Product training as a marketing instrument
  • Further training programmes
  • Learning CDs
  • Training programmes on the internet
  • Interactive Tutorials
  • Educational software / Training software

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