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Movie dubbing:


As a lean and efficient company for film dubbing, we can offer you a cost-effective full service for lip-synchronous sound recording of your film.

Let us advise you and decide which component of the Lip Sync you need from us:

Recording supervisor:

Advice for the selection of the right voices and characters for your film. Speaker casting and disposition and coordination of recording dates.

Production management:

Planning of the entire production, coordination of all external and internal project participants. Monitoring of all production processes.

Rough translation:

We work with numerous experienced Synchronous translators who will do the raw translation for your film - the basis for the dialogue book.

Dialog book:

Here, the translated text is adapted to the original text in the linguistic rhythm and the position of the respective vowels and consonants. And this is where the challenge lies in ensuring that the text still looks natural and sounds interesting. The content must reflect what the original text wanted to say, and the playing position must also remain identical to that of the performer.
At Dialogue book the texts are also divided into individual takes - short text sections of 3 - 10 seconds each

Dialogue direction / dubbing direction:

The dubbing director guides the dubbing actors through the plot of the film, so that the acting, speech rhythm and lip-sync of Spokesperson is consistent with that of the acting actors.

Voice recordings:

Our sound engineers make sure that the individual and unique sound of each speaker is perfectly captured. They have our high-quality recording technology under control and ensure that the recording session runs smoothly.

Synchro editing:

The Synchronous Cutter prepares the individual takes in the film project in advance on the basis of the dialogue book.
Otherwise, the Dubbing do more than just cut out mistakes and clean recordings from smacks, pops and other unwanted noise. Synchronous editing is the fine-tuning of the dialogues so that the volume and lip-synchronous timing of the voice recordings exactly match those of the original sequence.

Film mixing:


With our selected technology and the intuition of our sound engineers for the perfect film sound, we mix the sound for your video or film from the voice recordings, Atmos, noises and the music and enrich them with effects.

Film music:


We support you with the selection of the suitable gema-free Music.
But we would also be happy to compose a unique film music for your project.
You can find examples of this at

Learn more about music in films here.

Application advice:


We would be happy to provide you with comprehensive and competent advice on dubbing. For your image film, explanatory film, documentary film, training film, advertising film, animation film or cartoon.

Let us get you a Fixed price offer do.



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