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Scoring of the film: Our strength - your advantage:

Due to our extensive list of speakers and rich experience in foreign language Film scoringwe can offer you multilingual localization for documentary, advertising, image film and multimedia projects.

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Voiceover are in contrast to lip-synced shots merely synchronized in time. That means the Spokesperson has to speak the individual takes within the time the original sound tells him.
Ideally, it starts a little later than the original speaker and ends a little earlier, so that you can still hear the original sound at the beginning and end of the take. This transports the atmosphere of the original sound a bit.
It is also important to ensure that the film is suitable for Translationso that the translated takes are no longer than the original texts. Ideally, the translations should be shorter than the original so that the speaker can start the take a little later and finish earlier.
This is particularly important for Romance languages, as they are always a little longer than German or English, for example.

This type of film dubbing is often used for documentary films or image films with a documentary character.
Overvoicing is also often used for animated films or cartoons, as the mouth movements of the animations are often subsequently adapted to the voice recording.

Film mixing


With our selected technology and the intuition of our sound engineers for the perfect film sound, we mix the sound for your video or film from the voice recordings, Atmos, noises and the music and enrich them with effects.

film music


We support you with the selection of the suitable gema-free Music.
But we would also be happy to compose a unique film music for your project.
You can find examples of this at

You can find more about music in films here.

Application advice:


We would be happy to provide you with comprehensive and competent advice on dubbing. For your image film, explanatory film, documentary film, training film, advertising film, animation film or cartoon.

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