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Adena Halpern: The ten best days of my life
Andrea Schwarz: Colourful thread tenderness
Andrea Schwarz: From the angel who was always late
Andrew Matthews: The most beautiful Shakespeare stories
Anna McPartlin: Where your heart is at home
Anselm Green: The Little Book of the Good Life
Anselm Green: The little book of true happiness
Arne Dahl: Mass for the dead
Arne Dahl: Evil Blood
Arne Dahl: False victims
Arne Dahl: Misterioso
Arne Dahl: Rose Red
Arne Dahl: Deep pain
Arne Dahl: Scot-free
Boris Aljinovic: Carnival of the animals and the kitchen revue
Brigitte Riebe: The sinner of Siena
Camilla Läckberg: The preacher of Fjällbacka
Camilla Läckberg: The Ice Princess sleeps
Camilla Läckberg: Daughters of the cold
Chitra Banerjee Divaco University: Anand and the secret of the Silver Valley
Chitra Banerjee Divaco University: Anand and the magic mirror
Christian Oehlschläger: The Gooseneck
Christiane Gohl: A gift from the universe
Chuck Spezzano: 100 secrets of love
Chuck Spezzano: Follow the call of your heart
Daniel Alarcon: Lost City Radio
David Gilmour: Our very best year
Deepak Chopra: fire in one's heart
Delphine de Vigan: No & I
Desmond Tutu: God has a dream
Diane Broeckhoven: Mr Sylvain's tortuous road to happiness
Various authors: The old Cologne
Various authors: Hotel Hotel
Various authors: In the moonlight we sail away
Various authors: Chocolate for the ears
Various authors: Tea
Emile Zola: For a night of love
Erich Kästner: Mother's Son in the Fatherland
Frank Fröhlich: Fairytale - Tales and legends from the Dresden Elbe Valley
Friedrich Merz: Only those who change will survive
Gaelle Guernalec-Levy: A night in spring by the sea
Guillaume Musso: Will you be there?
Hanns-Josef Orhteil: The desire for love
Hans Kruppa: Forever you
Helene Tursten: The firehouse
Helene Tursten: The dead woman in the basement
Helge Timmerberg: Timmerberg's journey ABC
Henri Nouwen: Prayers from silence
Hong Ying: The Chinese Mistress
Ingrid Noll: Blessed Widows
Ivan Bunin: The gentleman from San Francisco
Jan-Philipp Sendker: Hearing the heart
Jason Lethcoe: Benjamin Piff
Jean Paul: The life of the cheerful schoolmaster Maria Wutz
Jennifer Louden: The little feel-good book for couples
Joachim Faulstich: The Healing Consciousness
Joanne Harris: Chocolat
Joanne Harris: Heavenly Wonders
Jochen-Martin Gutsch, Maxim Leo: Single. Family.
Joel ben Izzy: The storyteller or the secret of happiness
Johann Peter Hebel: Calendar Stories
John Gray: The little book of love
John Strelecky: The café at the edge of the world
Joseph von Eichendorff: The marble statue
Julia Butterfly Hill: The message of the tree woman
Julia Cameron: Inspirations
Kay Pollak: Growing through encounters
Kerstin Hensel, Frank Fröhlich: In the spinning house
Khaled Hosseini: Dragon Runner
Kiana Davenport: goddess of fire
Kim Echlin: The missing lover
Lea Ackermann: For God's sake, Lea!
Mark D. Hatwood: Marcello and the course of love
Marshall B. Rosenberg: Nonviolent communication - A language of life
Marshall B. Rosenberg: Solving conflicts through non-violent communication
Michael Bauer: The soul runs with
Monika Feth: The Strawberry Picker
Morten Ramsland: Dog's Heads
Nataly Bleuel, Christine Hohwieler: They're not doing anything, they just want to play.
Neale donald walsh: Right life and abundance
Nikolai Leskov: The Lady Macbeth from Mtsensk County
Oliver Bantle: Yofi or the art of forgiveness
Ori Shwarzman: Moonlight Girl
Paul Grote: Rioja for the matador
Paula Almqvist: The quirks of men
Paulo Coelho: confessions of a seeker
Paulo Coelho: The manual of the Warrior of Light
Paulo Coelho: The Demon and Miss Prym
Paulo Coelho: The Fifth Mountain
Paulo Coelho: Eleven minutes
Paulo Coelho: On the way
Pedro Antonio de Alarcón: The Tricorn
Pedro Antonio de Alarcón: Story of a woman without love
Peter Exinger: Modrow - Cat stories
Phil Bosmans: Luckily for two
Rafik Shami: The secret of the calligrapher
Rafik Shami: The dark side of love
Rafik Shami: The longing of the swallow
Rafik Shami: A hand full of stars
Rafik Shami: Journey between night and morning
S. Pasztor and Klaus-D. Gens: I hear something you're not saying
Sergio Bambaren: The bay at the end of the world
Sergio Bambaren: The white sail
Sergio Bambaren: The little starfish
Sergio Bambaren: The dreaming dolphin
Sergio Bambaren: The Blue Grotto
Sergio Bambaren: The Rose of Jericho
Sergio Bambaren: A beach for my dreams
Sergio Bambaren: Samantha
Thich Nhat Hanh: Love means to live with an alert heart
Thomas Bashab: Pablo's Dream
Thomas Poppe: The wondrous adventures of Mulla Nasrudin
Thommie Bayer: A short story of happiness
Valerio M. Manfredi: The Etruscan ritual


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