Audio book presentation - Erich Kästner - Mother's son in the fatherland

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Staging / Speaker: Ulrich Ritter
Publisher: Steinbach speaking books,
director / recording director: Andreas Fuhrmann
recording + editing: Andreas Fuhrmann
1 CD, approx. 65 minutes


Cover - Erich Kästner - Muttersohn im Vaterland


On the CD cover you can read among other things

"Muttersohn im Vaterland" is a literary-musical journey through the days and dreams of the great satirist Erich Kästner. "Kindness dies as a child..." he once said sceptically. Nevertheless Erich Kästner - as a desperately believing moralist, mocking and sovereign, but also vulnerable or dreamy - fought with lyrics against coldness and brutality in society, love and state.
With a concentrate of Kästner's poems, notes and novel fragments, Ulrich Ritter guides the listener - authentically and at a rapid pace - through Kästner's personal experiences. Starting with his childhood, his relationship with his mother, the listener experiences a journey through the children's barracks of the Wilhelminian era, the foreign cafés, local pubs, and the dumps. The descriptions are full of tenderness and melancholy, but also of horror and consternation. Into the middle of it and back again - in barely an hour!

" follow the fascinating, versatile voice of Ulrich Ritter into the dreams of others and to experience all emotional fluctuations, all ups and downs with all senses!" Süddeutsche Zeitung


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