Audio book presentation - Guillaume Musso - Will you be there?

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Speaker: Reiner Schöne
Publisher: Steinbach speaking books,
Director / Producer: Christoph Dietrich
recording + editing: Andreas Fuhrmann
5 CD, about 336 minutes


Cover - Guillaume Musso - Wirst Du da sein?


On the CD cover you can read among other things

A fascinating journey through time!
What if fate offers us a second chance? Would we live our lives differently? If so, at what cost? The esteemed physician Elliott Cooper has achieved everything at 60. Only apparently, because he never got over the death of his great love Ilena. One day he makes the acquaintance of an old man who fulfils his most ardent wish: to see her again. But the traveller between times slowly realizes that one does not challenge fate with impunity.

„Mit zauberhafter Phantasie erzählt."
Le Figaro Littdraire

„Wie Musso mit dem Paradoxon der Zeitreise spielt, das ist atemberaubend."
Thuringian state newspaper


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