Audio book presentation - Hanns-Josef Ortheil - The desire for love

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Speaker: Markus Hoffmann
Publisher: Steinbach speaking books,
director / recording director: Andreas Fuhrmann
recording + editing: Andreas Fuhrmann
6 CD, about 357 minutes


Cover - Hanns-Josef Ortheil - Das Verlangen nach Liebe


On the CD cover you can read among other things

The new great romance novel by Hanns-Josef Ortheil
After Die große Liebe, Hanns-Josef Ortheil has written a new great romance novel, which focuses on the theme of absolute, romantic love. And just like its predecessor, this novel has become a sensual, life-wise novel that questions the possibilities of unconditional love today in an enigmatic way.

"So wonderfully romantic and fluently told, as if it were a piece of music: this story of a longing strikes the heart." Petra

"A wonderfully sentimental poetic fantasy told with great feeling." Hamburger Abendblatt


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