Audio book presentation - Jan-Philipp Sendker - Hearing of the heart

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Speakers: Bernd Rumpf, Nadja Schulz-Berlinghoff
Publisher: Steinbach Speaking Books / Random House
director / recording director: Frank Muth
recording + editing: Andreas Fuhrmann
5 CD, about 338 minutes

Cover - Hearing the heart - Jan-Philipp Sendker


On the CD cover you can read among other things

One of the great love stories
in this day and age

The search for her missing father leads Julia Win from New York to Kalaw, a picturesque village hidden in the mountains of Burma. A forty-year-old love letter from her father to an unknown woman has led her to this magical place. Here she not only finds a brother she didn't know about, but also discovers a family secret that changes her life forever.

Adorably read by Bernd Rumpf and Nadja Schulz-Berlinghoff.


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