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Speaker: Stefan Kaminski
Publisher: Jumbo - New Media and Publishing House GmbH
Director / Producer: Stefanie Wittram
Recording: Andreas Fuhrmann
Editing: Kai Böckmann
3 CD

Cover - Jason Lethcoe - Benjamin Piff


On the CD cover you can read among other things

Ben can hardly believe it: His birthday wish after endless wishes has come true! His sad lonely life in the orphanage is over and he enters the wonderful world of wishing. But every wish that Ben is granted is taken away from another child. With a heavy heart Ben decides to take back his wish. But the owner of the curse factory has stolen the glass ball with Ben's wish and plans to use its magical power to build a curse machine that makes curses come true. Only Ben could prevent this. Courageously, Bejamin Bartholomäus Piff flies off with his flutter chair to free his wish.

The vocal acrobat Stefan Kaminski acts with incomparable joy of playing and incredible voices. An unforgettable listening pleasure for small and big ears.


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