Audio book presentation - Jennifer Louden - The little feel-good book for couples

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Speakers: Nadja Schulz-Berlinghoff, Joachim Schönfeld
Publisher: Steinbach speaking books
Director / Producer: Markus Hoffmann
Recording / editing: Andreas Fuhrmann
1 CD, approx. 80 minutes

Cover - Jennifer Louden - Das kleine Wohlfühlbuch für Paare


On the CD cover you can read among other things

Take time for yourself and your loved one(s) - create oases of well-being

Sensitive and pragmatic, Jennifer Louden shows waws is important for a loving life for two. And this has nothing to do with strenuous "work on the relationship", but with joy of life, ingenuity, sensuality and humour. An audio book, packed with many beautiful ideas and suggestions for the enjoyment of life in twos


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