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Speaker: Joachim Schönfeld
Publisher: Steinbach speaking books
director / production management: Francois Smesny
Recording / editing: Andreas Fuhrmann
4 CD, about 314 minutes

Cover - Joachim Faulstich - Das heilende Bewußtsein


On the CD cover you can read among other things

The secret of healing

Mysterious healings have moved people for centuries. Today, physicians speak of spontaneous healing when they cannot explain the recovery of a seriously ill person. What is the secret of these medical miracles?

Joachim Faulstich takes the listener on a journey through continents and time - from the healing ceremonies of the Indians in the Amazon region to the dream temples of ancient Greece and the laboratories of brain researchers.

"In his books, Joachim Faulstich succeeds in translating difficult scientific contexts into clear and easily understandable pictures - his language addresses the intellect and the soul. Franz Alt



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