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Speaker: Markus Hoffmann
Publisher: Steinbach speaking books,
Director / Producer: Markus Hoffmann
recording + editing: Andreas Fuhrmann
2 CD

Cover - Paolo Coelho - Handbuch des Kriegers des Lichts


On the CD cover you can read among other things

A warrior of light believes.
Because he believes in miracles, miracles happen. Because he is sure that his thoughts can change his life, his life changes. Because he is sure that he will meet love, this love also meets him. Sometimes he is disappointed, sometimes he is hurt. But the warrior knows that it is worth it. For every defeat there are two victories. All who believe know this.
Coelho tells of elementary experiences, of border crossers and seekers who show the courageous way of dealing with themselves, with conflicts and difficult life situations.

"It's important to fight a few battles for your dreams - not as victims, but as adventurers."
Paulo Coelho, The Sunday Times


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