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In contrast to Audio bookswhich are a mere reading, shall be radio plays played in a room with distributed roles and with Noises, Atmoand mostly with Music provided.

There are many analogies to film. Similar to the film, you can participate intensively in the plot, only that your own imagination can help shape the world in which you immerse yourself. So, in contrast to the film, a much stronger creative process takes place while listening.

As a specialist for language productions we can competently serve the different genres:

  • Original audio plays
  • Literary scores with distributed roles
  • Short radio plays
  • audio plays
  • Media art recordings

For this we can rely on our extensive Speakers' fileour Sound archiveGEMA-free music or independent music composition and experienced Directors to fall back on.

We produce cost-effectively with virtual rooms and sound archives. In this respect radio play production with us is not as complex and expensive as you might think.

Let us advise you in detail, which possibilities are the most reasonable and favourable for you and your project. Call us at the telephone number 030 - 61 70 28 70.
You are also welcome to arrange a personal and free consultation appointment in our studio.


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