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What is IP recording?

IP recording is also often called Far-End Recording. It enables real-time, studio-quality audio transmission via the WebRTC standard using Voice Over IP (VoIP) over the Internet. Video transmission is also possible.
There are more and more providers like Source Elements with Source-Connect" or SessionLinkPro of German engineer Tim Proegler. But also the British company ipDTL is trying to gain a foothold in Europe.

Recording over IP will be the successor technology to the ISDN codecs that have been established as standard, such as Music Taxi or APT-X ...in the last few days. In Germany in particular, it is experiencing a significant increase in popularity due to the nationwide switch-off of ISDN.

Technical details:

IP recording works through chromium based browsers, such as Google Chrome. Therefore, no additional software or separate hardware is required for operation.
The WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) standard is used here, which - like Chromium - is open source. Opus is used as audio codec.
It enables comparatively high audio quality, such as 48kHz stereo at 320kbps.


Why do I need Recording over IP?

To find out what Source Connect, Session Link Pro, ipDTL, and other audio transmissions are good for, see here




Source-Connect - Wordvoice GmbH