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Are you a spokesperson?
Right now we're looking:

  • German-speaking, m/f, voting age from 60 years
  • Foreign language native speaker, m/f

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Speaker training

At the moment we are not training any speakers. From time to time we offer speaker training or speaker coaching.
If you are interested, send us a mail with the subject "Request for speaker coaching".
When we offer training again, we will come back to you.

We do not offer a speaker internship at all, as this is not conducive to achieving our goals.


Become a speaker

How does one become a speaker?

If you would like to become an audio book speaker, there is no way around a well-founded training in acting or speaker training. The same applies to audio play speakers.
The earnings are significantly lower than in other voiceover genres, such as advertising or image films.
Audio book voiceover jobs are easy to get, but for a very low fee. Here a speaker demo is helpful or the application for an audio book speaker casting.

In dubbing, either a dubbing voice training as a continuation of your acting studies or many years of experience as a voice actor - the basis here too: A well-founded training in acting, as the acting postures of the film actors must be adapted. The earnings of the dubbing actors are divided into a commision / basic fee between 30 and 80 Euros and a fee per take between 2 and 4 Euros.
There are different ways to approach voiceover jobs. As a beginner, you should look at the lower end of the pay scale, even if you are perhaps a veteran theatre actor.
Here you should apply for a voice casting with the dubbing companies.

Radio announcers are also career changers, that is, people without acting training who have developed a talent for free speech and moderation. The earnings of a radio announcer vary greatly depending on which station you work for. Radio moderation is now almost exclusively in the so-called self-drive mode, that is, the radio moderators themselves also operate the complete technology of the respective program.

Advertising spokespersons also become career changers, although qualified acting training is very helpful in order to convey the respective moods in a credible way. As a rule, the earnings of advertising speakers are the highest of all voiceover genres, this is especially true for TV speakers or in TV commercials.
A casting at advertising agencies or sound studios with preceding sending of demos is usual here.




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