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For the compilation of your project we offer you the creation Music.
Here you have the choice between:

Let us advise you in detail, which of the two possibilities are most sensible and most favourable for you and your project. Call us at the telephone number 030 - 61 70 28 70.
You are also welcome to arrange a personal and free consultation appointment in our studio.

In the following you will find some details about the two possibilities:

Royalty-free music:

This is to be understood in abbreviated form

  • either compositions whose composer is not a GEMA member and therefore does not settle royalties via GEMA but independently
  • or Compositions whose composer or the arranger of the Composition has been dead for over 70 years.


  • you buy a license once for a certain duration and a certain distribution and have no expenses with regular billing to GEMA.
  • The licenses are usually much cheaper than for individual and exclusive compositions.
  • Overall easier handling


  • other companies can also use the same Music pieces for yourself, even in contexts in which you do not want to see your own company.
    Example: You are looking for a concise image film about your company piece of music off. After 5 months, you discover on YouTube that a political party with which you absolutely want nothing to do is the same memorable Melody for her new campaign commercial.
  • Not suitable for recognition music, audio branding, corporate music and similar applications that are intended to underline the recognition value of a company.
  • The music does not respond to scene changes or mood changes in the film, but simply runs through. Only through music cuts is it possible to adapt to the film to a limited extent


Individual music composition:

As the title suggests, music is composed individually for the respective purpose, project or company.


  • The composed music is unique.
  • The composition can be created scene-exactly on the film to create or support specific moods. Film and music are thus cast from one mould.
  • Individual and exclusive Music compositions are suitable for Recognition tunes, audio branding, Corporate Music and similar applications, which should underline the recognition value of a company.


  • Individual music compositions are usually more expensive than royalty-free Music.
  • For the duration of music use, annual statements of account to GEMA are required. Depending on the distribution and type of exploitation (e.g. TV, or Internet, or all types of exploitation - total buyout) of the composition, more or less royalties are due according to these statements.

Examples of individual compositions we have created for different applications can be found here.


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