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Native speakers in about 40 languages and 25 dialects

Without exception, our native speakers speak in their mother tongue.
The native speaker knows how to communicate culturally in his home country. This is also reflected in the linguistic expression and the speech melody.
The melody of speech, intonation and pronunciation of words can have different meanings depending on the language. This is an important linguistic feature, especially for Asian languages.
These nuances can only be achieved by a true native speaker.


Your foreign language production - in the best hands - and ears with us

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Project planning

Why don't you take advantage of our extensive Text servicessuch as your text concept, support for translations or cultural text adaptations for multilingual productions.
We are also happy to take over the entire project planning, even when taking into account different time zones, so that your deadlines are reliably met.


The voice recordings can be made on request with a native speaker director.
Of course, you or native-speaking employees can direct the film - personally in our Studiovia Skype or over the phone.


Native Speakers - Not only speakers

Native speakers know their home country best. Therefore you know what is culturally a "no go" or necessary to effectively and reliably bring your text to the target group.
In this way cultural or social misunderstandings are avoided.
Native speakers are also able to detect possible translation errors in time and correct them if desired.
Certain expressions or idioms that do not work in the foreign language can be corrected in this way


Professional native speakers

All our native speakers are professional speakers with relevant experience or references.
If you enter two different languages at "Language 1" and "Language 2" in the speaker search, you will find our bilingual speakers who can professionally dub your project in both native languages they grew up with.
We would be happy to recommend the right native speaker for your project and support you in your choice.


Foreign language dialects

You need a special foreign language dialect for your project? If you do not have it in our Speaker search under "Dialects foreign language", we will get you the right Spokespersonwho has a perfect command of this desired dialect.


Are you looking for a native speaker?

We would be happy to recommend the right native speaker for your project and budget and support you in your choice.


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