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Directing and supervising voice recordings...

...doesn't have to be expensive. With us you have several possibilities of Directed by and Recording Management:


  • You take over yourself Directed by either personally, via Phone, via Skype or even about ISDN Codec such as Music Taxi.

  • One of our sound engineers is also the director. An often practiced and very inexpensive solution. Here you benefit from the experience that our sound engineers, who specialise in voice recordings, have with speech and expression.
    This service does not cost anything extra and is therefore also the most frequently booked option by our customers.
    However, you should be reachable by telephone at the time of the admission appointment. Any ambiguities regarding the contact person, pronunciation of technical terms or proper names, as well as intonation and comprehension of the text can be clarified immediately.

  • The noblest and most valuable form is the booking of a Director respectively Producer. This person can work through the text in advance and discuss any uncertainties with you. Furthermore, he can research unknown terms, proper nouns etc. in advance and clarify the pronunciation. From us used Directors are often specialists in German studies or experienced Spokesperson. For foreign languages, we only use native speakers with many years of experience in Language and its dubbing one.

Talk to us and let us advise you on the best option for you: e-mail: or by telephone under 030 - 61 70 28 70. We look forward to your call


Direction and recording management for voice recordings - Worldvoice GmbH