To access your voice recording
- in 5 steps -

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Your guide to your voice recording

Step one:

your inquiry Request your offer with our form or by e-mail.

Step two:

Our offer Indicate the type and scope of your project. You will immediately receive a fixed price offer from us by e-mail with suggestions for a speaker with the corresponding demos. Of course you can also select speakers via our speaker search above.

Step three:

your source material Send us your text as a Word document and / or your video.

Step four:

your details After we have received your material, we will clarify details with you such as pronunciation of technical terms, proper names, and accents. We will also clarify technical questions (e.g. the desired format) and the delivery date with you.

Step five:

your voice recordings We will send you a link to download your voice recordings or of course we will send you a CD or DVD by post.
  Simply get to your voice recording - In 5 steps - Wordvoice GmbH
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