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The special thing about language in the recording studio:

Voice recordingsis the most underestimated area of audio production by recording studios. A disparagingly expressed "we don't make voice cassettes" in the past still showed ignorance and ignorance towards an own, demanding field of work in audio engineering - this has not really changed until today.

We are very intensively engaged in the recording of Language. We treat the Voice recording in our recording studio not - as so often practiced - as an annoying "waste product in the studio business", but also in recording technology as an art form in its own right.
This is how we produce many Audio books, Voiceovers for all types of media, offer coaching for Spokesperson lead Directed by, Synchronize movies...we've been dealing with a lot of... Textsand and and and...

Recording speech requires a sound knowledge of the most sensitive "instrument" there is: The human Voice.
The sound and expression of the human voice tells more about the mood, the "state" of the speaker than the words themselves can.

With the right microphone type and the appropriate microphone position in relation to the speaker, the character of the voice and the respective text content is supported.
During the post-processing of speech recordings, rich experience with the peculiarities of human speech becomes apparent. Especially when it comes to identifying background noises: What does a swollen uvula sound like in a mild cold? What does a clattering soft palate sound like? How do such interferences look like as a waveform so that they can be cut out specifically?
Voice recordings are only cut and cleaned by us by sound engineers who have many years of experience in this field.

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