Dubbing of telephone announcements for telecommunication systems

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Dubbing of telephone announcements for:

  • Mailbox / Answering machine
  • Telephone waiting loop (usually consist of several Phone announcements)
  • Announcement Before reporting
  • Infolines (automatic Information announcements)
  • Hotlines
  • Call Routing Systems / call management systems
  • IVR (interactive voice responseVoice Dialogue System)
  • call centers Solutions


Your acoustic business card:

First impressions count: Present yourself to your callers professionally, convincingly and sympathetically.
You will find everything you need for your telephone system with us: text creation and translation, professional speakers, GEMA-free music on hold, and above all, comprehensive knowledge of the audio-technical requirements of telephone systems.
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Full service:


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Text and conception:

  • We would be happy to create for you for your telephone system optimized Announcement texts - individual, stylish, likeable.
  • Existing texts can be edited and adapted for your telephone system
  • We supply you for multilingual telephone systems adapted Translations.
  • Goal-oriented Text conception for call routing and call management systems.
  • Complete concepts for complex user or customer guidance systems can also be developed and implemented by us.


  • As usual with us, only professional Spokesperson to the mission.
  • For international announcements, our native speakers are at your disposal with around 40 languages and 25 dialects. Why not browse through our Speakers' file.
  • Important for you and later additions: Our voices are usually available on a long-term basis.
  • Let us advise you on the selection of the right speaker for you, or use our comfortable Speaker search.
  • Of course you can also book well-known "Hollywood voices" for your telephone system.
  • Whatever you need: Ask us: info@worldvoice.de or 030 - 61702870.


  • Use our GEMA-free music archive without subscription or follow-up costs.
  • Gladly we provide you within the scope of individual musical composition also exclusively a unique sound logo - your acoustic trademark.
  • Let us compose your individual music on hold, for example, also including your sound logo.
  • Creation of a complete overall concept for the individual sound of your company, including audio branding, corporate sound and corporate song
  • Let us introduce you to the topic Music in your project from us -
    Phone 030-61 70 28 70!


  • We divide the audio files into the number you need and name them according to your specifications.
  • We convert the audio files into almost any format your phone system needs, such as wave, mp3, a-law, µ-law and others. This also allows us to adapt new files to the audio formats of existing telephone systems at any time.
  • We adjust the volume levels especially for telephone systems to achieve optimal speech intelligibility.
  • You will receive the best sound quality from us through professional studio technology and the possibility of loss-free transfer of the telephone announcements to the specific storage medium of your telephone technology or quickly via online upload.

Short delivery times:

  • Usually you will receive the finished files via download within 1-3 days.

Fair conditions:

  • At our low prices, you will receive time-unlimited licenses or rights of use, without hidden follow-up costs.

Ask for your non-binding Fixed price offer on:
via e-mail: info@worldvoice.de
via telephone: 030-61702870


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