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Directing over the phone

you can use our Telephone control room guide - simply in 2 steps:

  1. To do this, please contact us beforehand by e-mail or telephone to let us know that you would like to listen in on the recordings over the telephone
  2. For the recording date you then dial the number 030 - 61 20 27 61 and immediately (without call sign) land at our control room and can also directly Spokesperson communicate.

It's that easy for you to be there:

  • with your phone
  • from anywhere
  • without travel times
  • without travel expenses

Your advantages:

  • You save travel time and travel expenses
  • You can make changes to the text "on an outpatient basis", because often weaknesses in the text only become apparent when it is read aloud.
  • certainty that accentuation is set the way you want it
  • Immediate clarification of difficult technical terms
  • Wishes and changes regarding the tonality and speech attitude can be implemented immediately.
  • Possible ambiguities can be eliminated "on the fly

This service will not cost you a cent extra.


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