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For the dubbing of your project we offer you extensive Text services on:

What for?

Often texts are correct in terms of content and grammar, but are not designed to be speaker- and above all listener-friendly. They have sentences that are too long and often interlaced, making it difficult for a potential listener to follow the content without having the written text in front of them (e.g. to see how the sentence actually started again...)

Especially texts that have been written together by different departments of larger companies and have been supplemented, shortened, corrected and amended here and there, often have linguistic problems that may still need to be discussed. But the listener might then have difficulty following the content.


This is where we come in - our text services:

Textsas well Technical textsare converted into speaker-friendly formulations in consultation with you. Even with foreign language Texts we can provide you with valuable support.
In most cases, we also do this together with the professional Spokesperson. In this way, we not only use their voice, but also benefit from the linguistic experience that the speakers bring with them.

With pleasure our experienced Copywriter also the complete Text creation - tailor-made for you and your dubbing.


Benefit from our linguistic experience at a reasonable price.
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