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Wir lassen Ihren Text von speziellen Übersetzern bearbeiten. "Speziell", weil unsere Übersetzer Erfahrungen damit haben, Texte so zu gestalten, daß sie sprecher- und zuhörerfreundlich sind.

Furthermore, the following have just been published Translations of film texts often have the problem that a text written with Film and video dubbing inexperienced Translators nicht darauf achtet, daß die übersetzten Texte genauso lang oder eher kürzer sein müssen, wie die Texte in der Originalsprache - sonst ist zu wenig Film für den Text vorhanden.
Above all, it is also important to ensure that in the Target language more time is needed to speak the same content than in the Original language. For example, a Chinese can say the same thing as a German in half the time. Again, the problem can arise that too much text meets too little film and therefore cannot be spoken.

Conclusion: Make sure to have someone else write the texts for film and video Translatewho has experience with film scoring.

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Synchronous translations:

Synchronous translations differ considerably from translations of voiceovers or even normal texts. At Movie Sync the lip movements of the original language must be identical to the sounds of the target language.
Therefore two steps are necessary here:

  1. Rough translation
  2. Dialog book creation

In the raw translation, the text is translated in such a way that it can convey the content in the same time unit as the original take. This alone is a challenge.

When the dialogue book is created, the translated text is adapted to the linguistic rhythm and the position of the respective consonants and vocals of the original text. The challenge here is to make the text sound natural and interesting. The content must of course be the same as the original text. The finished text in the Dialogue book should it be available to the Spokesperson allow you to adopt the same playing position as the performer.
In addition, the texts are divided into individual takes, i.e. short text sections of 3-10 seconds each.

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Localizations / Multilingual productions

Localizations are adaptations of texts to the different countries where they are to be used. This includes not only the translation, but also the adaptation of content to the social and cultural conditions in the target country.

For this purpose we can provide you with the required translations, text adaptations and through our extensive Speakers database the dubbing of the translated texts in about 40 languages and 25 dialects.


An example:

A typical assignment for us is an international company that wants to roll out its employee training for a new product in 12 different languages for its foreign branches.
We receive the original text and, if applicable, the film to be set to music from the customer and we return 12 audio files to the customer, each with the desired languages.

An incredibly practical thing for the customer.


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