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Our competence for your project:

Take advantage of our more than 20 years of experience as a successful specialist provider of voice recordings - especially in foreign languages - for your audio production such as E-Learning, image film, voiceover, museum guides and audioguides, telephone announcements, film scoring, video scoring, film synchronization, advertising spots, audio books and much more.

Let us provide you with your favourable fixed price offer. We look forward to your inquiry!

Choose - The speakers:

A professional spokesperson is the basis for the success of your dubbing. In our speaker database you will find 400 real native speakers in about 40 languages and over 25 dialects. All of them are professional voice talents such as dubbing artists, advertising voice talents, audio book voice talents, off-speakers or radio voice talents.
You can find our
speaker database online via the comfortable speaker search with audio examples. Browse a little! But we are also happy to help you make your choice - let us advise you free of charge by friendly and competent contact persons. Call us on 030 - 61702870, send an e-mail to info@worldvoice.de or visit our contact page.

Your deadlines - our reliability:

Time pressure? We will be happy to find a short-term recording date for you - And anyway: Depending on the scope of the project, more than 95% of all orders are completed on the day of recording. Ask for an appointment at 030-61 70 28 70 or by e-mail at info@worldvoice.de.

Enjoy wellness (for the ears) - The recording studio:

Come into our spacious sound and dubbing studio with recording rooms acoustically optimized for voice recording for first-class sound quality in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.
You don't have time to come, but you still want to direct your own direction? Just call 030-61202761 after making a short appointment and you will be connected directly with the director and the speaker.

Interesting facts on the subject

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And already 20 years of the new millennium have passed...

We wish all our friends and customers a great year 2020! ๐Ÿ™‚

New speakers in December 2019

Hannah conquered our hearts with her fresh manner and equally dynamic way of speaking. If you are looking for a young and dynamic female voice, you might find it at Hannah.

New speakers in November 2019

In November a very pleasant, young voice came to us: Listen to it at Marie. A great mixture of warmth and youthfulness, we think.

New speakers in September 2019

If you're looking for a female voice with a somewhat rough enamel, you might want to listen to cornelia. We are happy to have her in our files since this September.

New speakers in August 2019

While setting a laser show to music, we came across Juliane, who recorded a wonderfully entertaining dialogue with her daughter there, so that we immediately included her in our files. Mina, who - as we found out during the casting - can give us a lot of power beyond Asian reserve and serious language style (to listen for example in manga commercials).

Audio engineering glossary launched

Since we are always getting questions about technical terms in audio engineering and voice recordings, we started to create a glossary, which tries to explain many terms in a simple way. Of course it is not complete yet, but we will constantly extend and complete it. You are welcome to write us if you want to have a term explained or if you think a term is missing or has been explained incompletely.

New speakers in May 2019

We were so enthusiastic about Thomas in the context of a TV production that we wanted to include him in our file right away. Here you can perhaps understand our enthusiasm.

Recommendation for the creation of a perfect speaker's text

Again and again, customers ask us how they should optimally design a text for the special requirements of voice productions and dubbing.
This includes both the formatting, which should enable a speaker to speak in the best possible way, and the text design, which later makes listening to the target group as easy and memorable as possible. Last but not least, many questions also concern the design with regard to the communication between client, studio and speaker, so that the workflow can be as smooth as possible.

To all these questions we have now published a short blog, which can be accessed here: "Sprechertext - Recommendation for design"

New speakers in February 2019:

With his very pleasantly rough-soft voice Mario delighted us at the casting in February.

Mourning for Franziska Pigulla

We are deeply shocked that Franziska Pigulla died on February 23rd at the age of only 54 years.
We got to know her as a very warm, helpful and professional speaker and friend.
Unforgotten her spontaneous helpfulness, even in private, when there was need.

She became known to a wide audience as the dubbing voice of Gillian Anderson in X-Files - The Eerie Cases of the FBI.
But she also gave her voice to many other Hollywood greats, such as Demi Moore (Revelation, An Immoral Offer), Sharon Stone (Encounters - Intersection), Mercedes Ruehl (Last Action Hero) or Tรฉa Leoni (Deep Impact).
She has also appeared in many series, such as Ally McBearl (Famke Janssen as Jamie), House of Cards (Sakina Jaffrey as Linda Vasquez), The Musketeers (Tara Fitzgerald as Maria de Medici) or in Marseille (Maruschka Detmers as Sabine Avery).
For us, she has mainly recorded audio books such as "The message of the tree woman" by Julia Butterfly Hill

Dear Franziska, I hope your soul will live on peacefully and happily.

A wonderful new year 2019

We wish all customers, friends, partners and companions a harmonious turn of the year and lots of energy for the new year 2019.
Your / Your Worldvoice Team

New speakers in November 2018:

Very youthful comes Vincent therefore, and this also in 2 languages in English (USA) and German.
In addition, we were allowed to listen to the Arabic speaker during a wonderful fairy tale reading in Arabic Inaam and were very happy to include them in our index. ๐Ÿ™‚

New speakers in October 2018:

For Halloween on October 31st on the last day of the month Erik immortalized his deep and powerful voice in best US American English on our hard drive. Very worth hearing!

New speakers in August 2018:

Earlier this month, Michaela came to us. We were very taken with her soft and sympathetic voice. With a young British voice, Josh was able to enrich the English section of our card index with another voice colour.
Another gain for our card index is the newly added Patrick, which in our opinion sounds extremely fresh and pithy.
Finally, we had the pleasure of the very professional and extremely variable Carolin, which is actually already an old hand.
Thanks for coming to the audition. We are very happy about these new additions.

Small country - many speakers...

Within the framework of our Eastern Europe Weeks we would like to introduce the last Eastern European language for the time being: Latvia. Here too, we have from the small Baltic country 15 speakers from the small Baltic country 15 speakers who we would like to introduce to you >br> #Oeastern europe weeks

An unknown land?

Today we would like to introduce you to speakers from a country that is quite unknown to most of us: Belarus. I have to admit that until this morning I didn't even know what the flag looked like, although the country is just behind Poland, i.e. on the border with Central Europe and therefore not so far away from us. Anyway, also from here we have some Speakers for you to listen to (and book ๐Ÿ˜‰
#Oeastern europe weeks

Today we travel...

... again linguistically to the Baltic States and can - in relation to this small but charming country - present you numerous speakers from Estonia.

New speakers in July 2018

Apart from numerous new speakers from Eastern Europe, who we have already introduced here in the last few weeks, in July Lucy from the USA was added with a fresh and young voice. You can listen to her English voice samples here.

Here we go...

...with Eastern Europe Weeks. This time Kazakhstan... well, then... 94.6% of the country belong to Central Asia and only 5.4% are in the extreme Eastern Europe.
We think the latter is a good reason to introduce our Kazakh speakers ๐Ÿ˜‰ :

Big country - many speakers ...

Within the framework of our Eastern Europe Weeks we would like to introduce you to more than 30 speakers from Russia, more than 20 of whom are new to us. So for the next project in Russian here it is worth browsing.

Our Eastern European Weeks continue...

...with the Ukraine. Here too we have been able to recruit new native speakers for our index.
. You can listen to them here.

Eastern Europe Weeks in Summer 2018!

In June 2018 we will start our Eastern Europe Weeks with many new professional speakers from Eastern European countries.
We start in Lithuania with 13 new speakers!

New speakers in May 2018

With Clara we have a new and beautiful, somewhat smoky voice color for Spanish. Great! br> In addition, Nathalie for French came to us. A very warm and pleasant voice, we think.

Even more new speakers in April 2018

On the last few meters in April Steve (english USA) came to us, who with his reserved way delivered demos with a pleasant intensity, which inspired us - listen to here!
And also Ramona (german) was there, whose voice colour might fit to nearly all language genres. Here you can convince yourself.

New speakers in April 2018

We are very happy now also the very refreshing Leonie to have with us. A beautiful young voice color - who has not heard it, misses what ๐Ÿ™‚ .

New speakers in February 2018

We have had a very good speaker for Swedish in our files for a long time, but without realizing that she is just as good in German: The bilingual speaker Charlotta!
We also have the wonderful Christian ...to discover for ourselves... no, actually HE discovered us. Also here it is worthwhile and definitely worth listening to ๐Ÿ™‚

Turn of the year ๐Ÿ™‚

Dear customers, partners and friends,

we thank you and you very much for this very varied, versatile and successful year 2017.
We were able to welcome many new customers and speakers and new, interesting challenges made the work this year particularly exciting.
We hope that it will continue like this in the new year and that we will meet again in 2018.

Your / your team from Worldvoice GmbH

New speakers in November 2017

A gem: the bilingual speaker Julia for Japanese and German - naturally for both native speakers.

New speakers in October 2017

And again a Susanne to us. It's worth listening to ๐Ÿ™‚

New speakers in September 2017

After not having recorded any new speakers in August 2017, the wonderful Marko came to us in September. So if you need a distinctive and variable voice for a DIY store image film or something else, it is certainly a very good choice...

Now new: Delivery of ready to use videos

From now on we can offer you your videos not only new set to musicbut also create a new audio track for your video and deliver it ready to use in the video format you want. Of course also with a complete Mix from Sounds, Atmos and Music.
Please ask at mail@worldvoice.de or by phone at 030 - 61 70 28 70.
We look forward to seeing you ๐Ÿ™‚

New speakers in July 2017

In July only one, but fine speaker came to us for the first time: Annette (german)

New speakers in June 2017

We are very happy about Ulrike (German) and about the Italian Arianna
Nice that you have found your way to us ๐Ÿ™‚

New speakers in May 2017

May makes a lot of new things ๐Ÿ™‚
Juliane and Ninaboth German speaking

New speakers in April 2017

We are happy about our new German speaking speakers:
Ena, Julia, Matthias, Rafael and rasmus

New speakers in March 2017

We have again new speakers in our file:
Hagen, Carolin, another Carolin, who also speaks native English (UK) and Cathrin.
English (US):
English (UK):

We are very happy that you are represented in our card index! ๐Ÿ™‚

Unique speaker comparison with identical texts

Did you know that we offer you the ingenious possibility to really compare German-speaking speakers on the basis of identical texts?
This allows you to compare the voices without being distracted by different texts and recordings and to find the ideal voice for your project.
Why don't you try it out?
Even with the English and French voices, we now have largely uniform texts. Spanish and Italian will follow.

New speakers in January 2017

We have again new speakers in our file:
Uwe, Rieke and Patricia

English (US):

We are very pleased about these new additions ๐Ÿ™‚

The year 2016 is drawing to a close...

We wish all our customers a relaxed Christmas and a similar transition into the New Year ๐Ÿ™‚
To those for whom 2016 was indeed as bad as many say, we wish a better 2017.
To all others we wish an even better year 2017 ๐Ÿ˜‰

Children's voices

From now on we offer children's voices not only in their mother tongue German, but also in all common European foreign languages.
Since children's voices are constantly changing, we provide our customers with demos individually on request.

Movie Sync

We have further optimized our studio for film dubbing. You can find more information about our extensive offer for film dubbing HERE.

Baltic languages

Through our Europe-wide connections we can now also offer the Baltic languages with a wide range of speakers

Things to know about audio book production

Have you always wanted to know how an audio book production works? Well, we can make that wish come true:
Read here how an audio book is made
From the contents:
What exactly is an audio book?
Text selection
Text editing
The speaker
The director
The Sound Engineer
Selection of audio books produced by us

News - Our new column

Let me introduce you: Our new category "News" which always provides you with the latest news from worldvoice GmbH and interesting facts about voice recordings, sound recordings and much more.

News - Voice recordings - Wordvoice GmbH



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