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We can offer you our transcription service in around 40 languages, and at particularly favourable prices.


What is audio transcription?

Audio transcription is the transfer of the spoken word from audio and video files into a text file. This still has to be done manually to get a clean and understandable text.

The audio transcription then serves for example

  • as a model for Translationse.g. for multilingual productions.
  • as a basis for subtitles, e.g. for audio films
  • as a basis for the dialogue book for Film synchronization
  • as source text for subtitles in foreign language films
  • as a model for Film scoring in different languages
  • the possibility of making spoken content accessible to the hearing impaired
  • for archiving contents
  • for the documentation of facts
  • for the evaluation of statements, such as interviews, opinion polls etc.

We transcribe from all source media, such as video, film, audio files, apps and anything else that can be heard.

We will be pleased to submit you an individual fixed price offer

Send us your audio or video, or the web address where the audio or video is stored, so that we can send you a complete Fixed price offer can create.

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